Yes, I’ve moved physically not in cyberspace. Still here although working on figuring out how to get a cheap internet connection.

Moving was fairly intense. Unlike moving around in the States, this involved packing stuff from a big house to a smaller house and then transporting that stuff through three islands via ferry, car and truck. We rented a truck from a local businessman that we’ve often done business with over the past five years. We made it in 16 hours like I planned. Feels like I’ve been mugged by some giants, but good that we are here.

Today there was a ritual in the kampung surrounding a dead person.  A resident of the neighborhood died yesterday and today was the funeral according to Muslim custom. The day that they deceased is going to be buried all the males from each household are supposed to accompany the body to the cemetery. Close family members do prayers at the mosque although anyone can accompany them. Then the body is carried to the cemetery. Men take turns carrying the body to the gravesite. Then the body is taken out of the coffin which isn’t very heavy and deposited in the earth along with some prayers.   The rest of us just hang around on the outskirts having conversations that usually have nothing to do with the deceased. Once the ceremony is finished, everyone walks home.

There isn’t much of an outpouring of grief on the path to the cemetery; in fact there is basically none.

The whole hour was mostly spent with me talking with kampung residents about my  status and where the kids were. Was everyone home? What happened to the big house (we’ve had many visitors from the kampung to the house in Sumbawa over the past five years.)? What am I going to do? Haven’t seen you out fishing much lately?

The funeral ceremony becomes a kind of coming out ceremony for me as I meet most of the senor residents who get their information correct about what I’m doing and where I will be living.

More on retirement and life in Bali and Sumbawa tomorrow.


~ by drbrucepk on June 30, 2008.

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