A Busy Week in Kampung Bugis

I’ve been back now for 9 days, and I’ve been busy with all sorts of activities. I spent the first few days here recovering from the trip over and the bad sunburn that I acquired on the ferry from Lombok to Bali. There were a few days left of fasting and then Lebaran. This year the weather held up (no rain like we always seem to have when we’re planning on praying outside), and the family piled into the car and went off to pray. The kids love Lebaran – it’s the closest thing to Christmas that I can think of for Muslim kids. We had lots of guests and everybody was happy that another Ramadan was completed successfully.

ramadan in singaraja

ramadan in singaraja

I’ve been focused on trying to complete my book on international schools, and I’m almost done and may actually get this thing finished before I go back to Sumbawa next Saturday night. I did another little interview on the Hair of the Blog radio program from Darwin, Australia. This one was about the earthquake here last week and Ramadan. It’s always fun to talk to Michelle. Then, too, I’ve been doing dad stuff like helping with homework and mediating sibling arguments. I can’t wait to get back to doing this on a full-time basis come December when I retire again.

The Bali Sea hasn’t been all that hospitable for snorkeling and fishing so I haven’t been out yet. Sam and I were going to go fishing today, but the sea is a bit too choppy, and I know that Sam would be seasick within minutes of getting out on the sea. I hope to get at least a few days snorkeling before I go back to Sumbawa.
I’ve been thinking, too, about a few folks that I know who insist that they could never retire because they wouldn’t have anything to do, or to use that word that I tell my students never to use, because they would be bored.

I’ve been looking around for the list I did last year about what I was going to do when I retired. Well, it’s somewhere around here, but I never even got started on what I wanted to do in the five months that I was retired. I can’t wait to get back to working on doing the things on that list again. Ah, retirement.


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  1. 6 days of freedom left…..then – I don’t want think about it….

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