Back in Sumbawa Redux

I’ve been back in Sumbawa for a few days now. The trip over was extremely unusual in that the land part of the trip on each section was faster than usual, but the total time reached the longest time ever. That was due to a two-hour wait outside Lembar for docking, and a two-hour wait in Kayangan to board the ferry to Sumbawa. I’m still sore and tired from the trip. It may have something to do with aging. But, the ferry from Bali to Lombok was comfortable, and I did get an hour of sleep.

ferryBeing back in Bali was wonderful. I did the usual stuff of changing light bulbs, making small repairs, helping the kids with homework, having meals with the family, and just generally hanging out.

Our house in Bali is far from plush, but it’s comfortable and we have great views of the mountains to the south and the sea to the north.

Now I’m back in townsite – not my favorite place, but it serves as home while I make some money for the family. But, I love Sumbawa; every time I come across the straight from Lombok to Sumbawa, I’m thrilled to see the Sumbawa coastline.

So what is it now? Six years or more that I’ve been here. Really, it doesn’t make that much difference. It’s somewhere around six years.

Another 10 weeks and I’ll be back home, and it won’t be too soon.


~ by drbrucepk on October 6, 2009.

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