What’s Happening to America? Questions from an American in Asia

In one of the latest attacks on President Obama, a national controversy has arisen around the president’s speech to American students on the traditional first day of school. I’ve been following this for the past 24 hours since I first heard about it. States are lining up as either broadcasting the speech, not broadcasting the speech, allowing for teacher discretion, and allowing for parent discretion and what else?
I started watching coverage on CNN (one of the few international English language newcasts that I can access), but CNN these days seems to spend as much time covering Michael Jackson’s death as it does anything else. So, where to go? Well, I get the leader of lunatic right in America, Fox, so I thought that I would go over there and see what they have to say. Reminiscent of the Simpson’s cartoon, they had mothers crying “what about the children,” and other nutters warning about “indoctrination.”

Part of the problem seems to be lesson plans that the Education Department sent out for teacher use. Really, what teachers actually use lesson plans that anyone sends them, especially the government? And indoctrination? The right in America seems intent on creating a climate of hysteria around the health care issue, and now have thrown Obama’s speech into the fire. Where is the intelligence and civility in America these days? Why would someone not want to hear what the President of the United States have to say? Agree or disagree, you need to know what he is saying. Is a speech going to indoctrinate a child? Who is doing the check on reality these days?


~ by drbrucepk on September 5, 2009.

5 Responses to “What’s Happening to America? Questions from an American in Asia”

  1. seriously. I an completely exasperated by teh conservatives of this country that seem to think a simple speech is indoctrination.

  2. Sadly, a lot has changed in the country starting with the ultra conservatives using Sept 11 to begin a campaign of fear and hatred. You know humans, look at the history of mankind – it;s a very very ugly thing. We don’t like to admit it, but the natural state of the man is fear and hatred and divisiveness. If that makes one uncomfortable to admit, let’s just say that it’s much easier to recruit an angry mob than it is to gather volunteers. Sadly, some very powerful forces in the USA have figured out a nice formula of combining religion and fear to control the masses. FOX News is the perfect example of that. You can say any crazy thing you want as long as you say it repeatedly as fact and make it about religion or a threat. If the special interests can keep the masses distracted in a conservative versus progressive versus liberal fight, then nobody will notice them stealing the money. Sadly, it all comes down to natural law…there are simply more low emotional IQ people than there are high emotional IQ people. Why anyone thought putting important complicated issues to a “popular vote” would work is beyond me. It’s not that it’s the best approach for a society, it’s that it’s the only viable defense against tyranny. But that defense had an unseen flaw…it relies on the masses being reasonable and intelligent people. All “great” Empires fall. We are simply watching this one “live”.

  3. Yes, it seems like America is continuing on with the divisiveness and meanness that was a highlight of the election campaign. What happened to patience and civility?

  4. You have to understand something…half this country believed everything they were told. A large portion of the US really believes as fact that the US has done nothing but good in the world spreading democracy and freedom. They were never taught how the US has backed brutal dictatorships to secure US interests. The bug thing after 9/11 was not deep discussion of the ramifications of US post WWII, cold war policies. The common phrase was “Why do they hate freedom?” I am not joking. Many join the US military out of lack of job or education options, however there is a healthy amount that join because they really do believe the US is always right. Typically, they eventually learn the truth through a bigger international experience beyond their “home town” views, but humans are attracted to “-isms” and nationalism has many believers in any country. So in conclusion – there’s no room for patience and civility when you feel as though your whole world is slipping away from you, even if that world you cling to never really existed. As for the screaming crowds that literally equate Obama to Hitler or Marx, intentionally fueled by the Fox News mega rich owners…a pawn does not realize it’s a pawn until the game is over.

  5. Whatever was happening in 09 has gotten a LOT worse which I why, once again, I’m strongly considering living elsewhere. Of course, I love my country and miss things about it when I’m gone for a while. But there’s a verbal (and sometimes worse) civil war going on here in the US. However, what we need to understand, wherever our concerns lie, is that our “negative” experiences always help us to know (and hopefully focus on) what they have caused us to want. War causes us to want peace. Destruction of our beautiful planet causes us to want to see it whole and healthy. When we focus on what we want, we help to expand the Universe in the direction of how we want it to be. It’s a difficult concept for many to understand, yet we all live within certain natural laws governing our physical existence. When we go with the flow of those laws, life is glorious and happiness is certain.

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