Changing Jobs Once Again, Health, Life in Paradise, and Ramadan

I finally made it through a full workweek in my new grade level. I’m teaching 6th grade now. When I came back to this school out of retirement, I was teaching 7th grade. After six months of that, I moved to 8th grade along with my 2 expat students. They left a few weeks ago, and I moved over to one of the 6th grade classes that has three expats. I have 13 weeks left on my contract, but it’s anybody’s guess as to whether my expat students will stay here that long. They’ve told me that they are leaving in December when I leave, but you can never tell here. Isn’t this paradise?

So I teach the three expat kids Social Studies, Math, Library, Art, and English. I also teach my homeroom class of expat and national students English. Besides that, I’m the technology coordinator. In that role, I work on helping teachers work with technology. I also teach a class for teachers once a week on using technology. Actually, it’s a class where they are supposed to be learning English and technology. They are learning technology; I’m not sure how much English they are learning. I’ve become the utility guy to use a baseball term. I play a little bit of just about everything.

Our elementary principal left last week after ten years on the job here. I’m teaching her classes; her principal’s job will be filled by one of the four teachers who applied for it. A number of Indonesian teachers and staff asked me to apply for it – I think because they feel that I’ll be more amenable to their needs, but the last thing that I want is to be a principal here. Too much aggravation and too little power to affect any real changes.

I do enjoy my homeroom class, and I enjoy working with my Indonesian counterpart, but I can’t help having this feeling that I’m just temporarily filling a hole to keep the rain out.

On a personal level, I’m doing my daily countdown until retirement. I haven’t fallen prey to STD (short timers disease) yet, but I do want to go home. I miss the kids and my wife and my life in Kampung Bugis with snorkeling everyday and writing and just hanging around with the family. 13 more weeks. It all seems like a dream.
I’m taking a blood thinner because of my mini-stroke last month, and I’ve started having nose bleeds. Wonderful. So I have a lot of bloody sheets. I’m not sure what this means, but I suppose I should go see the doctor about it. How did I get to this place?

And then there’s Ramadan which started last week. I actually love Ramadan and fasting. I get a sense of clarity when I’m fasting, but I’ve had to forgo a few days because I had the flu when Ramadan started, and it seems that the flu is back again. I’m a guy so…Wait, this is the next post.


~ by drbrucepk on August 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Changing Jobs Once Again, Health, Life in Paradise, and Ramadan”

  1. In Australia we call it “Jack of all trades” hehehehe. Seems strange without Sally around actually. Well stranger than usual that is.

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