A Day of Relaxing in Lombok

As I mentioned in the last post, I’m here in Lombok to relax – well, mostly I’m here because I wanted to drive my motorcycle fast and Lombok has an excellent road where I can drive fast, but the second reason was to get away from townsite and relax.

It is nice to be somewhere other than townsite in my apartment that has been for the past seven months my home. I can sit here on the small veranda of my bamboo bungalow and read and think without the interruptions that would occur if I were to sit outside my apartment in townsite with students passing by. As much as I love my students, I need the weekends to recharge and reflect and have time for myself.

Being here in Lombok allows me time to be completely with myself, but if I’m not happy with where I am, then what does that time give me?

So today, I got up and showered and had a small breakfast and wrote a blog while I had a cup of coffee. Then I read my book on Marco Polo for a while and had a short nap. After that I visited Stephen, Jan and Olvier in their hotel. From there I went to central Senggigi and had lunch at a small place in Senggigi Square. I went back to the hotel where I read more of my book and then took another nap.

The power just went out here, and I’m supposed to go out for dinner, but I’m being attacked by little insects drawn to the light on my computer screen in the darkness that surrounds me. Am I relaxed?


~ by drbrucepk on August 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Day of Relaxing in Lombok”

  1. Lombok emang tempat yang pas untuk bersantai….

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