The Last Weekend

I’m already on the last weekend of my vacation. Four weeks is far from long enough for a summer vacation. If you happen to be a teacher and have a chance to work at a school that does the ten on, four off, ten on, two off rotation, I’d advise you not to take the position. I’ve never liked this schedule.

Today I went out fishing with my two oldest daughters and my second son. Sam goes out fishing everyday with his buddies and occasionally with me. The girls have never gone fishing, but they wanted to try it. We were out for five minutes in gentle swells with a light breeze when the girls told me they were seasick. Sam caught a fish within minutes, and I had quite a few bites. When the girls put their heads down on the boat, I knew it was time to come home so we went back. Sam threw his fish back in the sea. And that was the end of the fishing trip.

sams fish

sam's fish

I’d go out fishing everyday, but I still have to get the trick to tying the boat up correctly. I’m getting the technique down of paddling without going in circles, but I have to admit that I’m far from the most efficient paddler. But, the main thing is that I have fun, and I get to spend time with the kids.

Hmm. Just one more week, and I make the long drive back across Bali and Lombok and then down to the west coast to my apartment in Sumbawa. I’m not looking forward to being back at work, but I am looking forward to taking my bike out for the long ride and doing a little exploring of Sumbawa. When I lived in Sumbawa on my first tour there, I spent the weekends at home with the family. Now that I am living alone there, I’m going to do something more interesting than just sitting around my apartment every weekend working and watching tv.

The main thing for me to do over this last week in Bali is to remember not to get so depressed about going back to work that I get irritated with the family. That’s going to be a trick because that’s my behavioral pattern, and I can be predictable.


~ by drbrucepk on July 4, 2009.

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