The Family Goes Tourist

There’s a forum about Bali that I often read because I like to see what foreigners (especially Australians) think about Bali. One of the favorites of the forum is JBRs (Just Back Reports). I’ve never done one before so here is my first one.

The kids have been asking me for quite some time to take them on a vacation somewhere. They would prefer to go to Singapore, America, or Australia, but when I explained that we had no where near enough money to take the whole family overseas, they settled for something closer – Waterbom down in Tuban.

As the tourist season is getting underway now in Bali, I guessed that we would need to be there close to opening if we wanted to rent a gazebo so that we would have a base for the day. With that in mind, I decided that we would drive down to Kuta, have a half day for shopping, then get to the park at opening time and spend the whole day there so as to get the most for the price that Waterbom charges.

My usual hotel in Kuta was full, so we stayed in a small place in Legian that was almost full with mostly Malaysian tourists as well as some Chinese-Indonesian domestic tourists from Jakarta. The rooms were small, but sufficient, and the hotel had a small pool. We spent three hours wandering around Discovery Mall buying clothes and a few other things. The kids were like small town kids in America visiting the big city. We had lunch at the Mall and then headed back to the hotel for a rest and a swim for some of the kids.

Dinner our first night was at a place not far from the hotel that served Indonesian/Western food. The kids didn’t care for the Nasi Goreng, but I loved the steak sandwich. After dinner, we went to a little supermarket and bought some snacks for the night. Then back to the hotel to watch TV and get some rest for the big day coming up.

dinner in Legian

dinner in Legian

The next morning, we waited for a table to clear so we could have breakfast at the hotel, but after 90 minutes of waiting, we decided to eat at Waterbom so that we could get there right when it opened. We were the second family there and by the time the park opened right at 9:00, there were already 20 people lined up waiting to get in. We were able to get a discounted price because the kids are Indonesian citizens and I have a KITAS. That saved us about $40. We rented a family gazebo and the kids immediately took off for the slides. My wife and I sat around for a few hours taking photos and talking.

Eventually Su changed into her swimming suit and went off with the kids to do a few slides. I settled back with a new book and a few Bintangs and held the fort. Eventually, I joined in and did a few slides and spent some time in the pool with Su. The staff at Waterbom is incredibly friendly and polite. We all had a great time.
We spent most of the evening at the hotel and returned home the next morning. It was great to get back on the road home.


~ by drbrucepk on June 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Family Goes Tourist”

  1. Hehehehe I cannot imagine you at Waterbom. Sounds like you had a great holiday. It’s cold here but not too bad.

  2. What does that mean? I can have fun sometimes and even hang out with tourists. The weather is beautiful here.

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