Life in Kampung Bugis, Singaraja

The first week of vacation has just zipped by. My second daughter received the preliminary results of her national exams. She passed! A sigh of relief from all of us. This was a point of contention when we were moving from Sumbawa back to Bali. My wife and daughter believed that Rebecca would have difficulty passing the exams if she moved to Bali for her last year of junior high. Here in Bali, the schools use the most recent national curriculum; in Sumbawa, they were using an older curriculum. Well, she passed so now we are waiting to see what high school she will get in to. We should have some news on that in the next few days.

Yesterday, Sam and I took his sampan (a small boat) out to do some fishing. This was the first time that we were out in the boat. We don’t have a motor for it, so it’s movement by paddle. Good exercise for me. We have to get another paddle made so that both of us can paddle at the same time. We were out for several hours along with one of Sam’s friends. We caught one fish that we lost when it slipped out of my hands while I was trying to get it off the hook. Just as well, as it was really too small to eat, and it was so beautiful that I hated to keep it. I did get sunburned, and I’m paying for that now.

Our house from the Bali Sea

Our house from the Bali Sea

I have a new granddaughter. I don’t know much other than that her name is Brynn, and she’s pretty big and healthy. It would be really nice to be able to meet my granddaughters some day. You never know what will happen when you live in Bali.


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