Back in the Land of the Sane

My first full day of vacation after one of the longest ten-week periods in my life. Life at school was better than a soap opera, even the Indonesian ones which are as over the top as any that I’ve seen. We’ve had affairs, scandals, religious bigotry, hysterics, confusion, depressions, and more. Bali has never seemed so wonderful and peaceful. You never do appreciate home more than when you’ve been away in the land of the mad. I’m just working on putting in the past for the next few weeks and living.

This first day has been busier than most of my returns. The kids all received their school report cards – mixed results with everyone moving on to the next level, but the difference in their grades from the first semester when I was living with them for most of the time was noticeable, particularly in my areas of specialization – math, technology and English. Well, English isn’t a specialty of mine for certain, but the kids do better when I’m around to help with the homework. Anyway, they all did better in some subjects, but fell in the ones that I mentioned. The good news about this is that it proves the point that I was trying to make to my wife that I do have some function other than just providing financial support for the family. And, it makes me absolutely certain now that the next six months of teaching will be my last.

So after getting the reports, and doing my bit of congratulating them on the good work, and reminding them that they need to work harder in other areas, Su and I went out shopping for my new motorcycle. The dealer that we ended up going with is an old friend from 20 years ago whom I haven’t seen in the last ten years. (The Pakistan years, as I call them now, were significant in many ways, including in the realignment of friendships here in Bali.) After a lot of catching up and a few beers, I bought a Yamaha Vixion. It’s been a long time since I’ve driven a clutch bike so I did a lot of sputtering and lurching on the way home while I tried to figure out the gears.

I took a nice nap when I got home, then fixed a broken computer, cleaned another one and took a look at the new baby kittens.

More on the bike and my conversation with my old friend tomorrow.


~ by drbrucepk on June 13, 2009.

One Response to “Back in the Land of the Sane”

  1. So you have the bike Yahooo. I like the description of school hehehehe. How true. You have more kittens?????

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