How Hard Can It Be to Retire?

Regular readers of this blog or my website know that I retired from teaching last June. My retirement lasted until November when I returned to teach for what was planned to be seven months. I was asked to extend my contract not long after I returned, but I eventually decided that I was going to stick with plans for retirement.

I’m undergoing some tests for a few health issues, and I’ve decided that it would probably be a good idea to stay employed, and thus insured, for a while longer. Health insurance for expats my age can be expensive. Right now I’m covered by my employer. So, it looks like I will be working another six-month contract. But, it will depend on if the school has sufficient funds to retain me for that period, and whether or not they decide to accept my offer of a six-month contract instead of the standard one year contract.

The question that I keep coming up against is why do I keep doing this to myself?


~ by drbrucepk on April 19, 2009.

4 Responses to “How Hard Can It Be to Retire?”

  1. I could not have have faced the last two weeks like you have, not knowing. I hope you stay and I am sending good karma for the the other thing mister… A graduation ceremony???? Is that the same as the the talent show????? I am not staying for ANYTHING on that Friday night believe me. Why not Japan?

  2. ask yourself … not us, on this one. Do you really think your health issues will go away ,,,, and you might become younger?? its all about income right?? face it…

  3. Hmm John. Never can tell. The health issues could go away, and while I might not get younger, I could feel younger. Yes, income is always a part, but I tend to shy away from economic determinism these days.

  4. Ok. i guess its a question like many things of judgement…. you will do it when you feel it…. and you wont look back…

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