Back in Sumbawa from Java

Next post I’ll finish up writing about the study trip to Malang. This post is an update to life in Sumbawa as I finish up the last week before vacation.

When I decided to come back to Sumbawa to teach, I explained it to my children as two short bursts of 10 weeks with a two-week vacation in between. It’s just 10 weeks I said, as the kids weren’t particularly happy that I was leaving again to teach somewhere else. But, in reality, this 10 weeks has seemed incredibly long.

Since I’ve been here, Barrack Obama took over as president, the world economy has continued to crash, the rupiah has moved up in the 11,000-12,000 range and seems to be staying there, and I continue to move towards the 60th birthday.

While I am continuing to work on getting all the technological marbles here put in their proper place before I leave and teach my classes, my thoughts are really with planning for the 3rd retirement as my former and present students call this retirement. I obsess over financial planning, planning a meeting with my visa agent to get a new visa after I give up my working visa, deciding if I am going to do the usual and safe thing and go to Singapore for a visa or try going to Kuala Lumpur which sounds easy now and could be done without paying for a agent to take care of all the paperwork for me, working on getting the cheapest and most efficient internet connection for the kids to use, and all of the myriad little things that need to be done before I leave Sumbawa and move back to Bali.
The idea, actually the remembrance, of having an endless amount of unstructured time where I can write, snorkel, hang out with the kids and my wife, visit with my nephews and nieces and in-laws, and just have time to think, is so wonderfully seductive that I spend most of my out-of-school time dreaming about a life that will begin at 11:30 on June 12.

So that’s where things stand today with another six days before I get back to Bali and two-weeks with the family.


~ by drbrucepk on March 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Back in Sumbawa from Java”

  1. do you know the contacts of any schools that need a good teacher in sumbawa? i’m teaching at an international school in surabaya right now.

  2. Sorry. There’s only one school that I know of there, and as far as I know, there expat population is almost gone.

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