Another Friday in Sumbawa

We just finished the first half of this term. It’s amazing how long it seems in one sense and how short in another. It seems like I’ve been living here by myself for months even though it has only been five weeks. The short part – the term is halfway over, and I’m nowhere near done with what I wanted to do. Classroom time just seems to fly.

My technology work here at school is going well. Stephen and I are getting the school website up to an acceptable level. I think that by the time when I leave in June, we will have an excellent school website.

Hmm…I seem to remember now that I started a series on my international teacher blog about school websites and just let it go. I need to keep track of what I’m writing and where. Which reminds me that I need to update the cyberbali site. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything with that.

It continues to rain in Sumbawa, and it’s gotten to that point where everyone complains about it. In another month, the dry season will start and for the first time in six years, I won’t be affected by it. When we lived in the house in Sekongkang, the dry season always meant scrounging for water, sometimes taking showers outside because we couldn’t get enough water pressure to get water into the house. Now that I’m living in townsite that won’t be an issue.

No matter how hard I try to map out the future, it always seems to get past me. A year ago, I was looking forward to retirement, and counting out the days and calculating how much money I would have in the bank before retirement. I was living in a large house with 3 of my 5 children and my wife. A year later, the Indonesian part of my family is back in Bali, and I’m here working again in Sumbawa doing the same thing that I did last year except that I’m living alone.

I keep trying to get a grip on what I’m going to be doing a year from now, and that project is getting me nowhere. I’ve pared it down to what I’ll be doing six months from now, and it still seems like a black hole.

Well, let’s end this on something upbeat. One of my student’s mom picked up an underwater camera for me when she was in Singapore last week, so I’m really excited about being able to photograph the regeneration of the coral in the sea along Kampung Bugis.


~ by drbrucepk on February 13, 2009.

One Response to “Another Friday in Sumbawa”

  1. Is it possible yet to see your school website – or is it for internal use. Look forward to seeing the coral pictures – is this process influenced by the seasons??

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