A Friday in Sumbawa and a Bit of Being Young

Friday afternoons are those rare days that I hate to see pass. It’s the beginning of a few days off when I can catch up with schoolwork, plan for the coming week, and do some work of my own. I’ve fallen into a lull with working on my book on international education because I have an income, and I let that take precedence over anything else. Actually, that’s as it should be, as my job is to teach and that should be my priority both in ethical and practical terms, but I want to get back to writing everyday so I’m looking forward to the end of this contract.

I haven’t been answering my emails from folks that want to know about Bali because I’m just beat at the end of the day. For me, teaching takes just about everything out of me, and all that I want to do when I get home is make dinner and veg out in front of the television or cruise the internet for ideas for school or writing.

One of my students asked me today about how much writers make, and I told her that many of them spend their writing lives making very little and only make money at the end of their careers or after they’re dead. I was thinking specifically of Orwell and a biography about him that I read a few years ago. But, I’d rather be writing now as difficult as it is. That being said, I really enjoy my class this year, and it is enjoyable being back teaching. I missed it when I was retired, and I’ll miss it when I’m retired again. It’s one of those things in life – you’re always looking around the corner to see what’s coming up and you often miss what’s in front of you.

Me and my oldest sister

Me and my oldest sister

My sister sent my a few photos today from the past because she has a new scanner. The first one that she sent was of the two of us almost thirty years ago – it’s always a shock seeing myself when I was young. Way too weird to process right now.


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  1. You were hot mister…

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