Problems with Embedding Video on the School Website

I’ve been working on coming up with a format for embedding video on the school website. It’s been fairly frustrating coming up with a format that loads quickly. The first few attempts were complete wastes of time – six hours to come up with a loading time of 10 minutes. I’ve used wmf, mpg, mp4, and flash.

There is a mass of information out on the internet about how to embed video, but everyone has their favorite way to do it, so plowing through all the information is time consuming. I’ve gone back to using iMovie, because it has a number of options for publishing a movie at various sizes. I’ve decided to go with the medium broadband option. Now I just have to embed the movie in the class webpage and see how long it takes to load.

So, lots of time involved in getting this to work. The positive thing is that the national staff is showing some interest in getting involved at one level or another in providing content for the website. I started a class afterschool on how to make webpages and had five people show up so we’ll see how that works out over the coming weeks. I hope that they keep coming and create some interesting webpages to include in the school website. The main thing here is to get teachers involved because once they get involved, even if it is with making their own personal pages, they’ll eventually start to move technology into their daily practices.


~ by drbrucepk on January 31, 2009.

One Response to “Problems with Embedding Video on the School Website”

  1. So are you saying that an Apple program triumphs?? We all know things Mac etc are light years ahead of anything else.

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