The Expat Life in Bali II

The Clock-Watcher

The Clock-watcher regularly brings up the hours, days, months and years that he/she has been in Bali in the belief that the longer one resides in Bali, the more one knows. In the midst of an argument about life in Bali, the Clock-watcher will loudly mention the time that they have spent in Bali to lend legitimacy to their point of view.

The Clock-watcher needs to be acutely aware of the audience, however, so that s/he doesn’t get trumped by someone that has been in Bali longer.

image from Wikimedia

image from Wikimedia

However, in this case, the Clock-watcher can mount a challenge and demand to know how long the other Expat has been living continuously in Bali. For some long-term Expats who move around, this challenge can be the gambit that trumps their longevity.

For example, I have had a house in Bali for almost 19 years, but I’ve actually spent most of that time living in Papua (9 years), Sumbawa (5 years) and Pakistan (4 years), while keeping Bali as my home base. My longest period of living continuously in Bali is 14 months, so technically I can lose to the Clock-watcher Expat who has been in Bali for 15 months of continuous residency.

So, if you plan on being a Bali Expat, the sooner you move here, the better.


~ by drbrucepk on January 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Expat Life in Bali II”

  1. I have lived in Indonesia continuously since June 1999. Cheers.

  2. Sorry that’s only good for status points about Indonesia; you get no points at all for Bali.

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