What’s Up in Sumbawa

I’ve moved into an apartment in townsite. I have some space, a refrigerator, a TV, and a connection to the internet. It’s one of those huge jumps in the quality of life that happens. I can eat when I want, I can have a cold drink when I want, I can chill with some mindless TV when I’m overwhelmed by the day, and I can do my personal internet work at home and not try to cram it in before school starts or after school ends. That’s a long way from my life last week when I was living in a room the size of a large closet. So, I’m happy with the way things are right now in terms of my living arrangements, but I was watching the Indonesian news tonight and watched images of people who live in a kampung similar to mine in Bali – they were literally swimming in their homes as parts of Jakarta and other areas of Indonesia are underwater as the rains continue to come. It’s all relative – most of us realize that, but it doesn’t always sink it. We tend to focus on our problems because they always seem to loom large and blot out the problems of others around us.


~ by drbrucepk on January 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “What’s Up in Sumbawa”

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for the update of the rain. Cant wait to have another amazing time in Indo… from the American living in Australia…

  2. Yes it’s all relative. We don’t know how lucky we really are. Well we do, but we don’t think about it often enough maybe and do something to change things.

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