Time Passes Too Fast in Paradise

It’s Sunday already, and time has eaten up 15 vacation days. I’m just hanging around working on my new ebook, doing some reading, and checking up on the kids. Right now, I have this feeling of incredible laziness – not wanting to do anything in particular which I notice happens sometimes when I spend too much time writing and not enough getting out and around. And distractedness. It is so easy to get distracted here – I start one thing, someone comes and wants something, and I end up forgetting about what I had originally started.

I reviewed two international schools today and sent out a few emails. I upgraded some software on both Macs. I started a few letters and spent a lot of time keeping on eye on the new kittens that still look like oversized baby rats. I need to start working on my new lesson plans for next term, but I’m waiting until next week when I’ll start feeling more urgency to getting it done.

my new work area on the balcony

my new work area on the balcony

My two eldest daughters took off yesterday to go down to Denpasar to visit family there and for “refreshing” as my oldest daughter calls it. In the meantime, I’m spending time outside on the balcony writing on the MacBook. I love having the ocean breeze to cool me while I sit here writing rather than the fan when I’m inside working on the iMac.
A few folks bought my Retiring in Bali eBook today, and it’s always nice to have a sale or two while I sit here writing another book, as well as working on some updates for the Bali book.

The photo today is the balcony where I’ve started doing most of my writing. I can gaze at the sea when I’m at a loss for words, although the afternoon sun can get a little intense. Kind of like being an old hippie sitting out here writing, having a few beers, and listening to the Greatful Dead. Plus, I’ve figured out that my cable will reach through the window so I can get internet access out here, and connect to a power cable as well when I need one. Time for retirement again, I think. This setup is better than it was before.

I stopped by the local mini-market to buy some beer and hotdogs, and there was an expat there that I think that I know, but I couldn’t quite make out where I knew him from so I didn’t say anything – I hate the memory loss that seems to be accompanying my advancing age. So far it seems selective though; my long-term memory is fine, I just can’t seem to remember who people are. This could be a problem when I forget my wife and kids.

I bought a new battery today for my handphone, as cell phones are called here in Indonesia. After 5 ½ years, the battery kept dying on me at very inconvenient times like when my wife is trying to figure out where I am. Hmm, makes it seem like I’m trying to hide, or that I am up to something fishy.

I’ll get around to the ghost thing in a day or two when I get most of it sussed out.


~ by drbrucepk on December 28, 2008.

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