Immigration in Sumbawa Besar

I had to go to Sumbawa Besar today to take care of immigration formalities. We took the seaplane from Benete to Sumbawa Besar. The trip over this part of the island never ceases to amaze me and everyone that does the trip. This is an incredibly beautiful island. We flew over expanses of virgin forests. Sumbawa is still under populated. Eventually this will be another island that enters the main population centers of Indonesia, but I probably won’t be around that long.

I discovered some interesting information today about the state of the immigration department. All the data on expats is indeed online. When my turn came up today, my fingerprints and photo came up from my retirement visa in June. I was impressed.

The immigration office in Sumbawa Besar is one of the more laid back immigration offices that I’ve seen. With the exception of the nine expats from the mining company they had no other business that day. I wish that the Bali immigration offices were more like this place.


~ by drbrucepk on December 7, 2008.

One Response to “Immigration in Sumbawa Besar”

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