A New Series on Life in the Tropics – Moving Overseas

I’m still waiting for my working visa to be processed; in the meantime, I’m getting little things done here like visiting the dentist, fixing odds and ends, and deciding what direction my blogging should take.

I’ve had a few emails lately, along with the recent radio interview that I did, that tell me that my readership is growing, but I’ve been trying to figure out how to make this blog more helpful to the readership, which seems to be folks who want to move overseas. So, while waiting for my wife to finish breakfast this morning, I did a little search using the keywords, life in the tropics. I came up number 3 and 4 on Google.  I’ve been amazed by the number of sites out there in cyberspace that are specifically for expats and potential expats. As I was checking out the sites, I decided to take a page from my cyberbali.com site, and put up some specific links and reviews of sites aimed at folks who want to live in the tropics, or who already live here.

image from wikimedia

image from wikimedia

Here is the first site in my series on Moving Overseas. Living in the Philippines is a site for the expat who wants to move to the Philippines, or is considering the Philippines as a potential home.

Don A. Herrington is the creator of this site. He has been living in the Philippines since 1989, and currently resides in Cebu. Don has a Filipina wife and has been around the Philippines as long as I’ve been in Indonesia. A lot of the advice he offers is similar to the advice that I offer to potential Bali expats. Some of the topics that he covers are:

•    What Do You Need to visit the Philippines?
•    Why Will You Want to Live, Retire, Travel or Do Business in the Philippines?
•    Why Will You Love the Philippines, the Filipinas, and Filipinos?
•    Do You Want to Find Romance in the Philippines?
•    Do You Want An Expat’s Life with  Maids, Helpers, Drivers, Eating In and Out, Amenities?
•    Lifestyles – Costs – Who is Here
•    Manila and the Other Places To Live
•    Maids, Domestic Helpers, Nurses, Employees Eating in and Out
•    What Will You Need To be in the Philippines?
•    How Can You Have A Job, Business, Investments in the Philippines?
•    Join Our Discussion List
•    How Can You Get More first hand information, on how to Live, Retire, Travel and Do Business in the    Philippines?
•    How Can This Website, Free Mailing List  and I Can Help You Have A Happy Life here?
•    Living in the Philippine Provinces

If you’re interested in living in the Philippines, take a look at Don’s site.


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5 Responses to “A New Series on Life in the Tropics – Moving Overseas”

  1. I am from thw US and I want to move and work in Manila, I am a Construction Manager, and I would like to work for a large Construction Co. What do I need to get or do?

  2. I’m an eighteen year old college student, working and going through school. Looking back at life I realized sitting back with a degree in something and a middle class house is nice, but I want to LIVE. Is moving to the tropics with money saved up possible? How would someone go about doing this? Not expecting living in anything fancy or having the best of jobs…
    If anyone knows anything that could open my eyes to this idea let me know.

  3. Thanks for the comments. How do you get a job overseas? Check the websites and visit. It’s easier than ever to work overseas thanks to the internet. Use the many expat forums and get involved in the conversations and ask questions.

    Emerald, if I was your age and I had any inclination to become a teacher, I’d study that and put in my two years in the States teaching and then look for a job overseas. Just my advice.

  4. For people asking a lot of questions on how and where.. better to browse the forums as the questions have already been answered hundreds of times. I use living in the Philippines now and again to cross reference with other expats living here (I live in Cebu) its full of information although I think it could do with a lick of paint and upgrading.

  5. I moved to tropical small town in the State of Veracruz, Mexico. I am a Peak Oil refugee, looking for the best place in the world me to survive. I bought a 13 acre/5 hectare coffee farm at 1,250 meters elevation and am planting citrus, bananas, macadamia, avocados, etc. This area is politically stable and is the opposite of the images of Mexico in the media. In addition, the place is beautiful and has good restaurants and hotels. To get to my website, google Peak Oil impacts.

    And my blog has a lot about Peak Oil too, but it has little on where I am, as I want to avoid putting it right out on the Internet, but I you write me I’ll send you some stuff about this place. clifford dot wirth at yahoo dot com

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