My Bali Time Before Retirement Ends and Indonesian Hospitals

I’m looking at my life in Bali now before time to end the retirement period and get back to work. This time, as I’ve noted before, it’s just for a short time – 7 months and then out. Kind of another liminal period for me; I don’t want to start any long term projects here because I know that I’ll be busy when I return to Sumbawa; so I’m working on the international school book and doing some revisions on the Bali book and taking notes on the book on Islam. Other than that, I’m kind of filling time messing around with the kids and my wife and visiting people, playing with my grand niece, and thinking about what I’m going to have to do when I get back to Sumbawa.

mercedes, nadia and suriyani

mercedes, nadia and suriyani

I managed to pick up an ear infection while snorkeling last week. I let it go for a week and finally went to the doctor to get it checked out and get some antibiotics. It’s slowly getting better. The ENT specialist I went to see has her office at Kertha Usada, which is now a public hospital, but was once private. I did several in-patient turns there with dysentery and typhoid back in the old days when it was fairly exclusive. It was interesting to return there after a number of years. Now that the public uses the hospital, it has this interesting carnival air. When Indonesians enter the hospital as an in-patient, a lot of times the whole family moves in with them on a rotating basis. People just camp out and bring food and drinks, bedding, and assorted odds and ends. There is a little night market on the street just outside the hospital grounds with food, clothes, and kids’ toys. Interesting as an out patient; I don’t know that I would like all the commotion if I was really sick and wanted to be left alone.

I’ll be going back to Sumbawa on the seaplane, so no motorbike which means that I’m not going to be able to get around outside of townsite. I’m thinking of buying another bike or bringing mine back with me after the December break. I can take the first four weeks of being confined to townsite, but I’m not sure that I can do the next ten that


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