The Ocean as a Garbage Dump

Another day out snorkeling today. It’s amazing the amount of junk in the sea around here. People in  this neighborhood still throw trash in the ocean, and everyday the river that feeds into the sea from here brings in all sorts of garbage from the markets. Then you have the boats and ships that pass by here and throw their trash into the ocean. And some of the small hotels here dump sewage directly in the Bali Sea. And, that’s where all this garbage comes from.

A few years ago, I took a rubber dinghy along the north coast and down the west coast. While I was on this two day trip, I went past little islands of garbage floating in  the water: bottles, plastic sandals, plastic bags filled with trash, old clothes, rubber pellets, and a mass of other odds and ends.

Yesterday, I came across a few articles on the internet about this terrible problem and what it is doing to our oceans. What do we do about this one?


~ by drbrucepk on October 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Ocean as a Garbage Dump”

  1. And you go snorkeling in all of that?

  2. think global, act local…..a bit of a mantra, but it is true. The small hotels can do better……there is a lot of cheap effective technology around. And as for garbage, especially organics and paepr and cardboard…..COMPOST is the easiest. Use that for vegies or on the garden. Can be organised dalam kampung anda! Just do it! I worked at the Batu Hijau mine development so know the region reasonably well.

  3. Thanks for the comment Peter, I’m on my way back to Batu Hijau next week. We’ll keep working on solutions to the garbage problem. A lot of it is education. The next generation seems to be more clued in then we are.

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