Lebaran is Past; Normal Life Resumes

Yesterday was Lebaran – the end of the fasting month. Some expat once explained it as Christmas without Jesus – not quite right, but close enough I suppose for those that don’t really get the previous month.

So, we all got up for morning prayers (the family from around the country are all assembled here in our house) and drove in various vehicles to the field where the mass prayers take place in Singaraja. Prayers went on uneventfully. It’s amazing how much of laid-back thing that is here compared to other countries with Muslim majorities. Guys were sitting around smoking before prayers began which is not exactly up to par as once you do wudzu  – ritual cleaning before prayers – you’re not allowed to get dirty again. But, that’s all part of the more relaxed Islam here.

So after prayers, we returned to the house. The kids went to the cemetery where their grandparents are buried, and my wife made breakfast for me. Before I had finished breakfast, the kids returned. 10 children ranging from 18 to 3 filed past, all sneaking a look at me and then hurrying to the back house whispering and giggling. I knew what that was about, but I studiously ignored them and finished up my omlet.

A small head peaked around the corner from the beach house to check on my status. I smiled, it a cigarette and took a sip of coffee. Another head popped up a few minutes later while I continued to have a leisurely smoke.

Another head popped around the corner and some more giggling followed. I finished my coffee and gave my wife the sign. She called the children in who slowly and patiently lined up at my chair. Out came my roll of new banknotes. And one by one, the children collected their Eid money, kissed my hand  and ran off to the back of the house.

And so another Ramadhan finished and another Eid began.


~ by drbrucepk on October 2, 2008.

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