Ten Points of (semi) Randomness in Bali

1.     I’ve uploaded two videos to YouTube after watching an interesting video done by an American anthropologist and his students who are doing participant observation on virtual communities. I’m watching to see what happens there.

2.    The YouTube videos are, as I’ve said on the videos, another medium to work with in writing about life over here. It’s nice to get beyond written language for a while.

3.    Now that my children have access to the internet, it’s fascinating to see how quickly they have adapted it to their personal interests. My second daughter is on to the social network scene; my second son uses it to search for science information. Two points to back up my long held belief that if children want to learn, they will figure out ways to do it by themselves if there is no one there to interfere with them. There’s an interesting TED talk about this which I will be reviewing in a few days.

4.    It’s gotten hot here in Singaraja. I forgot about how hot it can actually be here, as June, July and August are nice and cool here on the coast.

5.    I love the freedom that retirement has given me to do things when I want to do them.

6.    I miss teaching and doing something that I’m fairly good at.

7.    Politeness is a trait that isn’t given enough value these days. I’m amazed at how rude people can be on the internet. What happened to civility? One of the things that I love to hear from folks that visit here is how polite my children are.

8.    Why do people build houses with pools when they have a house on the ocean? It seems to be one of the negative things that Westerners bring here. Quite anti-social. Swimming in the ocean with the neighbors is a great way to develop social interaction.

9.    Why do foreigners want to come here and live in these foreigner only gated communities? What’s the point of living in Bali if you’re not involved in the Balinese community?

10.    What do old men (guys my age and older) see in really young women? OK, beyond the obvious? And please, for the sake of the rest of us, don’t wander around the supermarket groping each other.


~ by drbrucepk on September 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Ten Points of (semi) Randomness in Bali”

  1. Re. #9, maybe because foreigners get tired of the trash burning in the empty lot 2 doors down such that it is a pain in the butt with all the smoke and ash (especially with laundry on the line). Maybe because it gets tiresome trying to get the sad looking dogs out of the road so that a car can drive down the street. Maybe because they get tired of being woken at the crack of dawn by the roosters next door. Maybe because it seems to be more difficult keeping the rats (or huge mice, whatever they are) at bay. This is why I could appreciate a nice, gated community. However, I wouldn’t know this if I had not had to deal with all of the above in a more traditional, local, and non-gated community. That being said, my husband and I never ended up in a foreigner gated community, nor did any of our other expat friends. We were right there in the thick of the local neighborhood- smoke, dogs, roosters, rats and lovely night time music.

  2. They could always go back home where they wouldn’t have to put up with all that.

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