Independence Day Activities in Singaraja II

A few days ago we had the annual boat race from Singaraja (this time from a bit east of us) to Lovina. You have two guys in the traditional outriggers you see around the island who can paddle and use their sail, but that’s it. They go a long way so this is a grueling race for them. And if you ever want to see some guys with developed biceps and shoulders, you have to meet the fishermen from up here.

I’m not sure who won. One boat was far ahead already by the time they had reached us from Sangsit where they started. Another enjoyable way to spend the morning –sitting out on the seawall watching the outriggers come by followed by friends in their boats cheering them along.

annual boat race in singaraja

annual boat race in singaraja

Yesterday was Independence Day. Not much was happening. The kids went to a carnival down at the field where big community events are held. I skipped it because I knew that it would be incredibly crowded. They had a good time, and I had a good time at home writing and drinking a bottle of wine. The neighborhood also had a little group of activities last night that lasted until after midnight and kept me awake. The kids went to that one as well, and I skipped it.

Today is an official holiday. The kids have no school for a week (more on that tomorrow), and there was a parade a few hours ago through Singaraja. We arrived when it was scheduled to start. Of course, this being Indonesia, the start was actually still several hours away. That was enough for me, we walked home up the hot main street. My daughter and wife decided to return in an hour to watch the parade. I opted for some writing and resting time. I love today, as it is incredibly quiet. Tomorrow life goes back to normal.


~ by drbrucepk on August 18, 2008.

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