Independence Day Activities in Singaraja

Time continues to zoom by seemingly even more quickly than it did while I was still teaching. The structures and routines that I set up are an important part of having more to do than time to do it in. For those who thought that I would be bored, all I can say is that it hasn’t happened yet. I did finish my eBook on Bali which is on sale at in case you are planning on moving to Bali and need some advice about life over here for the expat.

Over the past week, as the country approached Independence Day, a huge event for Indonesia, a variety of activities have taken place here. A raft of activities during the week prior to Independence Day is common in Indonesia – even my little village of Sekongkang had a full week of activities each year as August 17th

my daughter and friends watching the parade

my daughter and friends watching the parade

approached. Any tourist who has been in Bali more than once during the months of  July and August knows that this is the time of the year that negotiating the roads of Bali becomes even more difficult than usual because of the groups of school children practicing marching on the roads. Personally, I find it an incredible waste of school time and after school time, but for Indonesians, it is all quite acceptable.

With time on my hands this year, I followed my wife through the neighborhood to the edge of downtown Singaraja to watch the Junior High students parade by. Our second daughter, Rebecca, was involved so we wanted to see her since she has spent so much time practicing over the past few weeks. Down at the corner where our little neighborhood ends and the main downtown street turns off on the way towards Kubutambahan, there were already hundreds of folks sitting and standing waiting for the students to come parading by. We saw Rebecca for all of 30 seconds and then she was gone, but the social interaction was what I found most interesting. Everyone just stood around waiting patiently but sharing stories, greeting friends that had been out of town, and just generally sharing gossip. It was an interesting way to pass an hour on a sunny August afternoon.


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