A Beach Weekend

Life as a teacher can be great; it can also be incredibly time-consuming. For most of the past 21 years, I’ve spent a good part of my weekends and most of my week nights correct papers, preparing for class, and planning lessons for the next term. As a computer teacher, I’ve spent a lot of time testing software so that I could adapt it for use with my students. Over the past 3 and one-half years that we’ve lived in our house in Sumbawa, I’ve not only done that, but also spent a lot of my free time doing work on the house and the gardens.

Now, I love doing all of this (well, I actually don’t love correcting papers, but it needs to be done), but I’ve missed out on doing a lot of family stuff that I should have been doing. So this weekend we decided to go to the beach. One of the wonderful things about living here in Sumbawa is that some of the greatest beaches in the world are a five minute drive from the house. I don’t mean the beaches with vendors and lines of surfers and sunbathers and overweight men and women in far too tiny swim suits. I mean the white sand beaches with crystal clear water and great surf that are empty.

Yes, empty as in no one around. Why? Indonesians are not particularly big on water activities. The kids in our kampung in Bali swim, but you almost never see an adult in the water unless they have a specific purpose. So the beaches here are empty most of the time. During the surfing season, there are some surfers here, but because of the lack of inexpensive accommodations, they usually only do Sekongkang for a day trip either down from Supersucks in Maluk or down from the places up in Jereweh. A few local guys come out and do some surf fishing but they rarely stay around long. It’s, as I like to say, paradise.


~ by drbrucepk on June 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “A Beach Weekend”

  1. i love that beach very much……………..what’s the name of the beach?i never heard about sumbawa beach before.

  2. The beach is called Rantung Beach locally or Yoyo’s Beach is another name that is used. It’s in Sekongkang.

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