Six Weeks (Not that I’m counting)

Well, six weeks to go before the end of my teaching career (at least in this incarnation). Busy as usual and then, bing…another motorbike accident. This time I was returning home on a dangerous hill that separates us from the next village north. Late at night, I had a few too many wines probably and, as usual, I was driving probably too fast. I hit a big hole in the road and flipped the bike. Amazingly just a few cuts and scrapes on me and no damage on the bike although both mirrors came off the in collision with the road (and easily put back on later). One of these amazing road angels just happened to be passing by, and he pulled over, helped me disentangle the bike from the bush that it was caught in, and then followed me home. And then he was gone. It’s amazing how great Indonesians can be in a pinch. I really find that this is one of the wonderful things about living in Sumbawa. There’s almost no tourist industry here, and no one expects to guide you or sell you something.

Actually, Singaraja in Bali is like that, and that I suppose is why I like it so much. No one ever bothers me, and I know lots of folks so it’s just another friendly place.

I’ve been cleaning up today and came across some old photos on a cd that I was cleaning up to move. Today’s photo is one of me much younger down in Papua with a couple of little pythons that I was playing with. I love snakes, although I keep my distance from the poisonous ones.

40 more days. Not that I’m counting.


~ by drbrucepk on May 5, 2008.

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