8 Weeks to Go and Under Water

I was watching a Yankees-Orioles game today on ESPN and one of the announcers commented that the Yankees seemed to be playing underwater. Another moment of pre-retirement epiphany. That comment fairly accurately describes what I’m feeling like these days. The first two weeks back at school haven’t really had the rhythm that teachers always look for. We had Iowa tests and that always disrupts the schedule, and then a large portion of the dwindling population in the upper grades took off to Bali for a swim meet. Tuesday everyone is back and with the Iowa’s over, we should be able to find some rhythm again. Of course, with the changes coming with the merger of the national school and the international school, there is a fair amount of uncertainty about what we’re doing and when.

As I’m wrapping up five years of teaching here, we’re (the family) also in the process of wrapping up five years of living here. We paid a fairly substantial sum to get the legal title for some of the land that we own here, and we’re getting it completely legal so that we can sell it. Then we’re working on selling or renting the big house which may or may not work out as quickly as we’d like, but really we don’t have to do it right now. We don’t immediately need the cash, although it would be nice to have it in the bank. Selling land in Indonesia can be a time-consuming process because you want to make sure that everything is done by the book so there are no surprises later.

After all the research that I’ve done for the book on moving to Bali, I’m comfortable with the different types of land certificates and the process of obtaining them and buying and selling. So we’re going by the book unlike a number of expats that I know that try to shortcut the process and then find out that they have a worthless piece of paper or have land that has claims on it from other parties.

The Plan –

With 8 weeks to go, The Plan is to leave Sumbawa the day after school ends and take the bike to Bali and then fly to Singapore a few days later to get my retirement visa. That should take a day. Once that is finished, Mercedes and I will go back to Sumbawa to pack up all the things that we are moving with us to Bali and then take the car and a truck that we’ll hire back to Bali. Then we have to get the kids enrolled in new schools in Bali. Once all that is completed, I plan on doing some field work to finish the last sections of the Bali book. I need to get updated information on some of the areas of Bali that I haven’t been to for a few years.

The book will be in eBook format and I am planning on offering it for sale on a travel website that I occasionally write for. They sell eBooks there about expat life around the world. Once the Bali book is finished, I want to spend a few months finishing the book on international teaching. I hope to have that finished by October 1. That too will be in eBook format as it seems the most appropriate for the subject of the book.

Once that book is finished, I want to rewrite the novel that I’ve wrote many years ago and look at the possibilities of getting it published in paper format. Then, I’ll be doing research on the book on Islam.

During all this writing, I’ll be keeping the websites updated as well as the blogs, and then I’ll be working on the 41 things to do in retirement at the same time. Sounds like I should be busy enough for a while.


~ by drbrucepk on April 24, 2008.

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