Back in Sumbawa

Well, I’m back in Sumbawa one more time – well as a working teacher. I’ll be back once again after I head to Singapore for my new visa and then come back here to pack up.

The ride back from Bali was rough. The early morning ride from Singaraja to Padangbai was not bad, and I made it down there in a record 2:20 and then got on a ferry within a half hour so I was ahead of schedule and looking forward to the rest of the trip.

The ferry was one of the ones with a VIP section so for Rp.11,000 I had a wide comfy seat something like flying on business class in an airplane. If you live in Indonesia and have never taken a ferry, I strongly recommend it as a great way to meet Indonesian people and get a glimpse into Indonesian life and culture. There are so many people that travel by ferry, and it really is one of the prime Indonesian experiences. I even had a short nap this time because I was so comfortable, but once we arrived in Lombok it was pouring. We sat for an hour waiting to dock and then I had to battle pouring rain.

Once again, I took the wrong turn on my way to the road leading to the eastern part of the island and lost an hour messing around trying to figure out where I was going. I have the worst sense of directions.

I had a good trip back on the ferry to Sumbawa, but when I arrived in Sumbawa it was raining. The road is just absolutely terrible from Jereweh to Sekongkang and I had to battle it in the dark and the rain. This is one of the not fun things about living in a remote area.

I have work tomorrow.


~ by drbrucepk on April 8, 2008.

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