41 Activities for Early Retirement in the Tropics

41 Activities for Early Retirement in the Tropics

The issue of what I’m going to do after I stop teaching in June has become of some interest over the past few months to some friends and family. Despite the stereotype of the retired old guy sitting around the beach sipping fruity cocktails, I have a few other ideas in mind at the moment. As someone pointed out recently, the trick will be to carry them out.


A list of Things to Do in Retirement

  1. Check email and respond on time
  2. Read the news feeds from the internet
  3. Work on cyberbali.com
  4. Work on Sumbawa.org
  5. Work on lifeinthetropics.wordpress.com
  6. Work on theinternationalteacher.wordpress.com
  7. Work on the podcast
  8. Participate in the forum
  9. Exercise
  10. Wake the kids up for school
  11. Take the kids to school
  12. Pick the kids up from school
  13. Clean the top two floors of the house
  14. Repair the beach house
  15. Finish the ebook on Bali
  16. Finish the ebook on international teaching
  17. Rewrite the novel
  18. Read
  19. Make notes for the book on Islam
  20. Watch a lot of baseball
  21. Visit friends
  22. Shop with Su at the market once a week
  23. Make dinner once a week
  24. Work on learning how to do graphic art
  25. Play computer games
  26. Learn Balinese
  27. Improve my Indonesian to college level
  28. Take a marine biology class on the internet
  29. Learn how to write Java
  30. Learn Arabic
  31. Help the kids with their homework
  32. Spend more time with my wife
  33. Make some videos
  34. Write free lesson plans for teachers
  35. Look for freelance jobs on the internet
  36. Keep track of the budget
  37. Get involved in one save the planet project
  38.   Sleep
  39. Remember how lucky I am to be here
  40. Do research on different conceptions of time
  41. Attend mosque regularly

~ by drbrucepk on March 25, 2008.

5 Responses to “41 Activities for Early Retirement in the Tropics”

  1. Make dinner once a week? You should cook every night hehehehe. What’s the graphic art? The math teacher becomes an artist. I love Medan by the way. Wish I had of organised to stay longer.

  2. I’m a decent cook, nothing like Su however. I just like doing it occasionally. Where are you now? What’s the URL of your new blog? The graphic art is the 3-D computer stuff that I’ve been playing with. I can’t do much with math without students, and I’m afraid my kids will get tired of all the extra homework if I go mathlistic with them. Got any photos of Medan?

  3. my new blog is http://pinktassiedevil.wordpress.com/
    I am in Jakarta now. Medan was fantastic – I really like the place and the people seem friendlier than any I have met in this country.

  4. Your life sounds so interesting! My sis Kay sent me over to your blog. I’m really enjoying it so far! 🙂

  5. Thanks Maya. You’ll have to visit when you get to Bali.

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