The Soggy Life in the Tropics

Wow. Life without internet is tough. The school’s internet has been very spotty over the past week and getting anything done has been a struggle. I’m hoping that this new week brings some relief.

Weather is the big thing here. Rain, and rain, and rain. I’ve never seen it rain this much in the five years that I’ve been in Sumbawa. The back part of our property is soaked. Literally soaked. The ground can’t absorb anymore water and walking through the back is like walking on top of a sponge. That said, we have plenty of water in the house which means lots of showers and no problems with washing clothes. I’m waiting for the dry season to see how our new water system will actually work once it’s really put to the test. 

One of our goats died the other day – I’m not sure why, but we found her after a few days and her body was decomposing. Yuuck! Dave, our main dog, has developed the travel bug and insists on being let out in the village everyday or he goes ballistic. Once he has his run out with his buddies in the neighborhood, he comes home to eat. Ah these men.

With all the rain and the ground as soggy as it is, we’ve had a rash of snakes appearing looking for dry ground. Last night we had a green viper about half a meter long. Su got hysterical as she does when she sees snakes, and it was clear that it was poisonous so there was reason to be worried as it was dark and my teenage daughter almost stepped on it which would have been very bad.

I start on Week 15 tomorrow. That is I have 15 weeks of teaching here left. As my whole 8th Grade Class (of 3) will be leaving with me, it should be an interesting period. All of my students have been accepted into boarding schools for high school: two will be going to the States and one to Canada. So we’ve done our job. One of the things about our school is that our students always do well in their new schools being placed in advanced classes or achieving top grades. That’s a good feeling for a teacher. It’s something that I’ll miss.

On the upside of leaving, I’m really looking forward to having all of us reunited in one house again. And I’m looking forward to having unblocked internet access. I haven’t been able to read some of my favorite and most valuable blogs just because they’re on blogspot.

I started writing on Hubpages to see what that’s like over there. It’s part of developing my web presence so that I can try my hand at freelancing for some blogs or websites starting in June. This is a new hub that I put up today about Paradise.


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