Chinese New Year

I have a four-day holiday because of Chinese New Year. It’s great to have the few days off because for some reason, I’m just really tired even though we’ve just finished Week 4 of the Third Term and have another six weeks to go before vacation. Partly, it’s just the stress of school with the amalgamation coming up, as well as thinking about getting the house here in Sekongkang rented or sold before July, although we can actually do it later. It’s just going to be a hassle to try to do it from Bali so we’ll put a little more effort in to renting the house out with some notices on my blogs, podcasts, and websites, as well as a sign in front of the house.

Amazing Race Asia is holding auditions for the next season, and I really wanted to try out. My students’ responses have run from amusement to interest. They think that it would be cool to watch me on tv, but find it somewhat bizarre that joining the race is what I want to do with my first few months of retirement. Anyway, I can’t take two weeks off in April so this season is out, but I’m thinking about who could be a partner to try out the next time auditions come around. 

I was able to vote in my first U.S. election in decades the other day. This is one of those “I love the internet” moments. Fortunately, I’m a registered Democrat so I was able to use my last U.S. voting address in California to take part in the primary. For the election in November, I’ll need to get a ballot and do the voting by mail, but now that I know that I can do this without having a current address in the States (which I thought was necessary), I plan on voting in November.

The weather continues to be cloudy with intermittent rain; last night it poured and we lost power for an hour. Today it’s cloudy and humid. But, we have lots of water so what can I complain about?









~ by drbrucepk on February 12, 2008.

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