The Weekend Mishmash

I like the word mishmash – it just sounds nice and means just what it sounds like. What?

Well, another weekend is wrapping up, and I’m trying to get the weekend podcast finished, but its been one of those weekends of fixing a lot of stuff around the house as we start getting serious about moving back to Bali in June and preparing the house to be rented or sold.

Windows and the weather. Its amazing how quickly things rust even here a kilometer from the ocean. The salt just seems to be everywhere in the air. So this weekend I continued on with replacing the screws in all of the window so that they open and close properly. Lots of fulfillment in the manual labor vibes. Then my handyman and I changed several light fixtures that had filled with water during the major storms last month. Cheap and easy even with the fifteen-foot ceilings in most of the rooms.

Not to be left out of the weather-influenced thread here – the monkey have gotten increasingly aggressive about attacking our gardens. They managed to destroy 200 square meters of corn and several banana trees over the past two days. As much as I love monkeys, they are getting increasingly irritating with destroying all the work we put in to working on the gardens. And bees and wasps. They also seem to be responding to the weather. They are everywhere and in addition to attacking me last week when I inadvertently sprayed one of their major hives, they are taking up residence inside the house so we do a lot of spraying here to keep from getting stung inside the house as well as outside.

Some new photos of my granddaughter out in the snow for the first time. Isn’t she just adorable says granddad. And doesn’t my eldest son look like a lawyer?


More tomorrow.

Just a note for Jakartass if you are reading this. Blogspot has been blocked here so if you could send me your email address, I can send that article I was going to do.


~ by drbrucepk on January 28, 2008.

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  1. Your son lovely

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