My Favorite Food List

This is a blog from the original Life in the Tropics blog that I’m reprinting here. Yesterday was a big food day.

I’m not a big food person. I eat to live not the other way around, but occasionally there have been meals that remain with me even today.

Here are some of my favorites. And like yesterday in no particular order.

1.    A Chinese place on the edge of North Beach and China Town in San Francisco. They had incredible food that I still remember even though the last time that I was there was 1989. I was particularly fond of the prawns.
2.    A place just off of Orchard Road in Singapore in an outdoor food court kind of setup. They had this prawn dish with greens and lots of chillis. It was wonderful. My wife makes an identical one now that I love just as much. More actually because I don’t have to go to Singapore to eat it.
3.    A little Mexican grocery store across the street from my apartment on Armitage Avenue circa the mid-70s. They had these great burritos that were incredible and cheap. I’d have two every Saturday morning after my ex picked up my son for the weekend.
4.    The Hungarian Goulash at the Red Baron in Chicago in the mid-70s.
5.    The Chicago style hot dogs that I used to buy from a cart just off campus when I was a student at U of I.
6.    Uno’s deep dish pizza – the original. There was nothing like it.
7.    Any seafood dish that my wife makes. Her steak cutlets come right after that.
8.    The Jambalaya at Bourbon Street Restaurant in Bangkok. Spicy and filling. They make a pretty good pizza as well.
9.    The Chicken Tikka in the Diamond Market in Lahore, Pakistan. It would have been even better with a few cold beers. Mix the tikka with some nan and it was heaven.
10.    Jimmy, my cook in Pakistan, spicy meatballs with nan. I had these once a week for the last year that I lived in Pakistan, and I always looked forward to having it.
11.    Novi’s beef sandwiches with green peppers. Slightly greasy and delicious. Novi’s was an Italian beef place that I worked at in the 60s.
12.    White Castle hamburgers at 3:30 on a Sunday morning before I used to do my shift at the News Agency during my teen years.
13.    The stir-fried shrimp from this sidewalk restaurant in Singapore just outside of Chinatown. Some of the most succulent that I’ve ever had.
14.    The stir-fried shrimp from a Chinese restaurant across the road from Washington State University in Pullman. Enormous portions for almost nothing. Perfect with two ice cold beers.
15.    My mother’s dumplings. Perfect. I could eat them for hours. Mixed with bacon and hot dogs.


~ by drbrucepk on January 8, 2008.

One Response to “My Favorite Food List”

  1. Try mixing the Tikka with the Roomali Roti and it would be far better than the Nan. Regards,

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