A Tale of Two Houses

More mundane, but necessary, Mr. Mom stuff. I washed the floor for the first time since I arrived. With all the rain and wind and the thousands of small flying insects that lose their wings in my bedroom every night, it seemed rather pointless. But, the weather is somewhat clear today, although I suspect that rain will come in the afternoon, and the floor is really somewhat grotty.house in sumbawa

The floor looks great now, and I did the balcony as well since there is a chance that it won’t rain. One of the major differences between this house and the house in Sumbawa is the way this house is built to take advantage of the climate. My room on the third floor is fairly open with two walls being primarily windows. So there is a lot of light and a breeze from the ocean to help cool things off. The house in Sekongkang is designed to keep malarial mosquitoes and pig flies out so it’s closed. It’s also designed to keep raiders from Lombok out (this was a problem four years ago, but since the police shot a few of them we haven’t had that problem in years).

The different designs are also related to land use. Here in Bali, we only had 200 square meters to build on so the house is narrow and tall. In Sumbawa we had 6000 square meters so the house is long and wide. I love both of them – too bad we need to sell the house in Sumbawa.


~ by drbrucepk on December 27, 2007.

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