On Being Mr. Mom, or the Expat Housedad

Christmas passed rather uneventfully as it usually does here. I did a little shopping yesterday to get bread and eggs and such. The local supermarket, Hardy’s, was full of tourists even though the streets were quite empty. There were more tourists in Hardys than locals. Looks like we have some tourist activity here this year.

I’m well in to the second week of vacation and my trial run of being Mr. Mom as one of my sisters said yesterday. It’s going all right so far. Mercedes and I have been alternating cooking dinner; the kids have leftovers for lunch (I rarely eat lunch), and I do the cooking for breakfast. When Mercedes is in school, she doesn’t eat breakfast so I just get her up and go back to bed as she’s busy getting ready for school. In July when Sam is living here and going to school, I’ll cook for him and take him to school.

I’m not sure how I’m going to like doing the half-the-family on one island and half on the other, but everyone continues to insist that it’s the way to go. It is definitely more convenient to have a car here, but Su really needs one in Sekongkang so I will just have to make due with the motorbikes.

I’ve been doing some podcasting, and I’ve found that during the ftp upload if I lose the connection to the host server, the mp3 still uploads. Hmm. Why is that?

So lots of comments about my remarks on the cyberbali.com/family page about retiring. Leaving aside the money issue for the moment, the other main issue is do I have enough to do. Well, based on the past 11 days I have plenty to do. I haven’t even gotten to most of the stuff that I thought I would have finished by now. Of course, as my friend from Sekongkang says, being on vacation for a month and being on vacation for life are two completely different things. Right, the mindset.

I’ve started reading the first draft of the novel that I finished 10 years ago. It’s better than I thought last time I read it when I thought that it was absolutely hopeless – it’s not hopeless, just a rough first draft. I’m going to start working more on that in the next few days.

Things in Sumbawa are something of a mess. Big floods. The bridge in Taliwang and the bridge in Jereweh are washed out so my wife and daughters making it here tomorrow is problematic. We’ll all be disappointed if they don’t make it.

Less than six months left before retirement.


~ by drbrucepk on December 26, 2007.

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