Back in Bali and Retirement Blues

Well, we’ve been back in Bali for a few days now. My son and I took one of those plane, train, and bus trips to get over here, although we substituted a ferry for a train (there being no trains in this part of Indonesia. The trip over was one of met expectations along with the usual unplanned, but not unexpected delays. We drove our car up from our house in Sekongkang, Sumbawa, to the harbor of Poto Tano in the northwest of Sumbawa. From there we took the public ferry across to Lombok. I planned ahead a bit and had a taxi waiting for us at the harbor. (By the way, if you try this, you have to get an ojek from the harbor to the village of Kayangan about 3 km outside of the harbor because taxis aren’t allowed to drive in to the harbor area itself unless they have a passenger.)

We had a ticket for a three o’clock flight from Mataram to Denpasar on Merpati, but when we arrived we were told (rather rudely) that there was no flight at three and to come back later for the five o’clock flight. So we spent four hours waiting for the twenty minute flight. Last time that I’ll take Merpati.

I’ve been keying down from an intense six months of work – six months more to go before retirement. I’m starting to get the “what did I do feeling about quitting my job and trusting the remaining years to fate. But, over the past twenty years fate has been rather kind to me, and I’m hoping that it continues to do so.

I’m starting to find out even before my retirement actually starts that they cushion that I thought was sufficient may not be with all the economic turmoil around the world over the past few months because of the US housing loan crisis. I think that I know how the retired Americans in Thailand feel now as they’ve watched the US dollar lose value in relation to the Thai baht. But, as I said, fate has always seemed to work fairly well for me so we’ll see what the future brings.


~ by drbrucepk on December 19, 2007.

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