Water and websites in the tropics

The weather seems to have turned again to rain, and it appears that the rainy season is upon us again – good news for getting running water, but somewhat depressing as it’s been dark much of the day. We’ve finally decided to do something permanent about the problems with our water supply as it appears that the village authorities having somenew moon in sumbawa difficulties fixing the water pressure problems. We’ve started building a tower to put a large tank on that we can fill with water and then open up so that we have running water in the house. These tanks can be found in many parts of Indonesia, but are especially prevalent here due to the long dry season. We should have done this years ago, but I was playing it cheap while waiting for the village to get things set right.

New houses are continually being built here and with the mine planning on being around for another 20 years or so, the future looks good for this area and its residents. I expect that at some time in the next few years more tourist development will take place here as the beaches are so incredibly beautiful and empty and the waves are so good that the only problem that needs to be sorted out is getting the local airport running again. The good news for us personally means that the value of the house and land will continue to rise meaning that the kids will have something for the future.

Six more days and Sam and I will be going to Bali for vacation. Su is going to stay here with Rebecca and Meredith so that Rebecca can take her semester finals. I told Mercedes, my eldest daughter who is living by herself in the house in Bali, that we would be back every ten weeks since she gets lonely being there by herself. Anyway, it will be nice to get back to Bali for a month.

If you are one of my family and friends who sends emails to a cyberbali address, I’ve lost it for the time being. My web provider says it isn’t them, and the company here says it isn’t them. Regardless of who is at fault, I can’t access my email so if you want to write to me you can leave a comment here or send me an email to drbrucepk at yahoo.com



~ by drbrucepk on December 9, 2007.

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