A Sekongkang Weekend

Another beautiful weekend although we went without electricity all day yesterday. A powerpole blew over in the high winds that we’ve been having lately, and a work crew had to replace it so we had a dark day which meant that I didn’t get any work done, but it seems that everything is fixed because we have power today.

I saw on the news today that Norman Mailer died at the age of 84. Mailer had a large influence on my writing in the early 70’s which was so profound that it altered the way that I thought about non-fiction writing and probably still influences me in subtle ways. Mailer was a character – always controversial and almost always amusing. Rest in Peace, Norman.

Technology and Social Action

I read an interesting article in the New York Times last week on how Indian technology workers are using the internet to try to help the poor gain better employment by through a site called babajob.com. The idea is that illiterate or just poor workers put their skills out on a social networking like site where the wealthy and middle class Indian employers can find a match for what they need. The founder, Sean Blagsvedt, said, “In India, you can’t escape the feeling that you’re really lucky. So you ask, What are you going to do about all the stuff around you? How are you going to use all these skills?” This is what all of us with the good fortune to have our material needs met should be doing – using technology to help change the world. Thank god, there are people out there being innovative. This article provided the inspiration for me to use the Net to assist others less fortunate than me or my family.


Here’s a photo that I took about seven years ago during a field trip with my high school anthropology students. We visited an old fort north of Lahore in Pakistan. Even though the fort is “protected” by the Pakistan government, due to a lack of funds it continues to crumble, be vandalized, and serve as a gathering place for junkies. The walls are covered with these beautiful ceramic scenes of life during this period. I’ve forgotten the name of the fort as well as the exact location. Can anyone out there help jog my memory?


The Life in the Tropics podcast continues on at http://drbrucepk.wordpress.com. I’m having fun with it, you might want to take a listen.


~ by drbrucepk on November 11, 2007.

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